Ready to heal?


The main reason for healing is love.  

– Paracelsus



An empowering healing system developed by Britt Michaelian that focuses on the intuitive mindset, balanced energy, inspired creativity, and soul evolution.

If you find yourself looking for answers to questions like:

“Why does this issue keep showing up in my life?”

“Why haven’t I manifested the things I’ve set out to achieve?”

“Am I living up to my fullest potential physically, spiritually, and energetically?”

“How can I balance all areas of my life to be fully present in the moment?” 

“Am I making decisions that support the highest good of all?”

SOULution Healing can help you.


Hi Friend!

I’m Britt. An INFP healing artist. Also a wife to my beautiful husband of 23 years and a mother of three amazing daughters. We live by the beach in Southern California. I practice yoga most days and love to walk the neighborhood, smell the flowers, and watch the waves lap on the shore. One of my favorite things in life is to travel short and long distances to experience all of the treasures the world has to offer. And as lovely as this all sounds, and as grateful as I am for everything life brings, I do not pretend that life doesn’t have its ups and downs. On my own healing journey, I’ve found the most powerful growth happens when we shift our focus from the problems before us, to the solutions at hand.

SOULutions invite us to learn more about trust, gratitude, and of course the most important thing of all, love. SOULutions also remind us that we have the power to make choices that direct our life in conscious ways. Healing is a choice.

The School of Life is about healing and growing, therefore each challenge we face is an invitation to learn more about ourselves and humanity as a whole. We live in a beautiful world, but at times it can feel scary, lonely, overwhelming, and extremely confusing. It is my life’s work to inspire your spiritual awakening, and walk with you along this journey to help you find your zone of genius. To provide ideas to help you get crystal clear on the path you’re meant to take in this life. To share insights that will help you develop your intuitive mindset. So you can make choices that align with your soul purpose, not on the egoic timeline, but at the right time for your soul. With this foundation and my resources and support, you will be able to relax into your life and achieve what you set your mind to, while having a deeper level of confidence and compassion for yourself and the world around you.



Bachelor of Fine Arts

MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy

Quantum Healer

Reiki Master

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (BQH)

Certified Spirit Releasement Therapist

Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping therapy) Practitioner

Yoga Practioner

Breathwork Practitioner

Meditation Practitioner


I have a huge thirst for knowledge and experience, so I’m constantly reading, taking classes, and adding to my healing treasure chest. Of course this benefits my clients in a multitude of ways, but the most important thing about this work for me is that my clients and loved ones feel supported, inspired, grounded, and loved.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to holding space for you as you expand your heart and honor your soul with peace and grace. Namaste.


With Love & Gratitude,



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Simple Energy Balancing Exercise
| 20 April

This exercise is a grounding technique to clear blocks in your energetic and emotional body. It only takes a few minutes. It’s a practice I look forward to doing every day. I highly recommend it if you want to increase feelings of calm, confidence, and love. You can do the exercises while you read down the page.

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