How to Leverage Downtime to Reevaluate Everything… PART TWO: Breakdown Blindspots

Every day we wake up, no matter if it is a day of quarantine or not, we are presented with opportunities to grow. Whether or not we accept those invitations to level up, is a matter of awareness. However, there are some things that lie in the periphery, outside of our ability to register their importance. These are our blindspots.

How to Leverage Downtime to Reevaluate EVERYTHING… PART ONE: Take Inventory

What’s this series of posts about? It’s about inspiring you to use this time to build awareness about yourself, so you can have clarity, purpose, and a plan to take focused action, while others binge watch Netflix, read the news, and otherwise distract themselves with meaninglessness. Clarity, purpose and focused action will help you have confidence and a positive outlook during this time and beyond.