Quantum Healing into the New Year

The world needs healing. The planet. The people. The plants. The animals. The oceans. The land. The air. It all needs to be healed. On a quantum level. Starting now. Ending never.

Simple Energy Balancing Exercise

This exercise is a grounding technique to clear blocks in your energetic and emotional body. It only takes a few minutes. It’s a practice I look forward to doing every day. I highly recommend it if you want to increase feelings of calm, confidence, and love. You can do the exercises while you read down the page.

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Immune System

We are living through a time when the world seems to be in the midst of a spiritual battle, making it essential that we consciously develop a practice of strengthening our spiritual immune systems in addition to boosting our physical immune systems. Think of it as choosing to create a safe harbor for your soul, kind of like supplementing with vitamin C and zinc.

Settle In: What To Do In Uncertain Times

Hello friends! I’ve been out of the blogging and influencer game for a long time for a reason, but today seems like the right time to peek my head back in the door and give a few virtual hugs to whoever is listening and needs a pep talk. This post isn’t about me or what I’ve been up to. It’s about us. Humanity as a whole.

Today, everything is different.