Energy Healing and Life Coaching

**All sessions are through Skype or phone.**


Soulution Healing Session

What to Expect

In each session, our main goal is to work together to balance your energy, so you can feel better as you move throughout your life. Balanced energy leads to a reduction in stress, better sleep, a stronger immune system, enhanced mental clarity, and an increase in positive thoughts.

Before each session, I work remotely with your energetic body to balance your energy, removing any areas that are stuck or blocked, and tuning up your system to work toward your fullest potential. Then during our scheduled session, we will focus on active healing, clearing the path for your mind, body, and soul to move toward profound calmness, peace, and self love. For maximum impact, it is helpful if you are prepared with an idea about something that’s been on your mind, a goal you’re having a hard time reaching, or an issue you are ready to work on. If you can’t think of anything specific, that’s perfectly fine as well. Your job is just to show up, be open to the process, and relax.

I work with clients for one to three single sessions before we decide if you are ready to commit to a deeper level of growth on your healing through one-on-one Mastermind work. 


Healing is a lifelong journey, an act of self love, and it is my honor to walk beside you along the way. When we heal ourselves, we heal all of humanity. Thank you.

$222 for a single session


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** 24 hour notice required for cancellation of ALL scheduled appointments.

Please email to avoid full charge for missed appointment.**