How to Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

Energy is everywhere and in everything. But sometimes we forget places have energy that can get stuck or blocked causing us, as intuitive beings, to feel stuck or blocked or otherwise off balance. Sometimes we just feel it when we walk into a room after a fight. Sometimes bad energy exists in a space before we occupy it and we can’t put our finger on it, but we know something feels off. The good news is there are simple things we can do to shift the energy in our home, work place, or anywhere, so we can feel calm, centered and comfortable in our daily lives.
  1. Declutter. Our outer space is a reflection of our inner space, so when our bedroom. kitchen or other areas of our home become overloaded with piles of laundry, stacks of unopened mail, or even shoes that you haven’t gotten around to putting back in the closet… this can cause our minds to feel overwhelmed and unfocused. Take one day every week to clear the clutter in your living space. Donate items you don’t use anymore to people who will use them. Store items you don’t use often. And otherwise clear your space of anything that isn’t necessary, so you can free your mind and energy for things that serve the best version of you.
  2. Let in fresh air. Open the windows and let the sun shine in! It’s not only healthy to allow fresh air into your home for oxygen purposes, it also gets things circulating so stagnant energy can flow. If you have just had an argument or if someone entered your home with low vibration energy, opening the windows is a great way to eliminate the negative and neutralize the air. Open your windows every day to keep the energy in your home balanced.
  3. Smudge. I love the smell of sage, so it is a pleasure to light a bundle and carry the smoke along each wall of every room in our home while setting the intention to cleanse and bring love in. If smoke bothers you, there are also sage infused cleansing sprays that work just the same. Spray in areas that feel off, paying special attention to doorways and corners where energy can get stuck. By the way, if sage just isn’t your thing, put a few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser. Lavender has many healing properties and is especially good at balancing energy.
  4. Music. Whether you consciously listen or just have it on in the background, playing high vibration, 432hz music can transform any space into a virtual paradise. Sound is a powerful thing! 432hz or higher frequency music can help balance your chakras and cleanse the energy in any room. Press play on the video above and enjoy the calm that fills your room and your heart.
  5. Crystals. Selenite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, amethyst, clear quartz. All of these crystals have protective and cleansing properties that help clear energy and help you feel balanced. For a super boost on cleansing the energy in your home, create a protection grid. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths with the crystals in your hands. Set the intention of cleansing and protecting your space. Then, place medium sized black tourmaline in the four corners of your room and one medium to large sized red tiger’s eye or carnelian next to the door. You can place the black tourmaline in the four corners of your home to protect your entire house or in the four corners of a room to protect a specific room. Tip: place your favorite crystals under your pillow at night to cleanse and balance your energy while you sleep!
  6. Salt. Himalayan sea salt lamps are awesome! I love them! We have lamps next to our beds and nightlights in the bathrooms and hallways to illuminate our space in a soft warm glow, but the real beauty of these lamps is that they purify the air and cleanse the energy. In moments where the energy in your home feels off, whether day or night, switch on a Himalayan sea salt lamp and take a deep breath.
  7. Plants. Aside from cleaning the air and providing oxygen, plants have incredibly healing vibrational energy. Place a potted lavender, Jasmin, jade, sage, or aloe vera in any room where you spend the most time or in every room in your home. You really can’t go wrong with plants. They are not only beautiful, but there are many health benefits to having them in indoor spaces. Be careful to select varieties that are pet friendly if you have pets, but even pets benefit from living in environments where plants are abundant.

When we take the time to consciously clear and balance our living space, we feel more grounded, clear, and calm as we go about our day. If you or someone you know is feeling off, following the above steps can shift the energy in the outer world enough that our inner world feels a positive impact. Setting the intention to clear and balance the energy around you can be just the thing you need to bring peace and tranquility to your life.

If you try the above steps and still feel that your home is not vibrating at optimal levels, hire a professional energy healer to come in and bring a deeper cleanse to your space.