How to Leverage Downtime to REEVALUATE EVERYTHING… PART FOUR: Create the Future

Our world has shifted. And we have all shifted with it.

Some of us are so overwhelmed and confused that we feel paralyzed. Some of us are angry that our liberties are being infringed upon, while others are upset with those who aren’t complying with the rules of the lockdown which seem to change on a daily basis.

It is not surprising when you hear that people are falling into depression. It is not shocking when you hear that domestic violence is on the rise. Heartbreaking, but not shocking. And it is refreshing to hear that some have embraced more time with family, more time in self reflection, more time taking care of their bodies, more time being present in the moment. So, wherever you are on the spectrum, it’s okay. You are not alone.

The beauty in life is that we can change our thoughts, actions, and choices – at any time – for the better. Hopefully this post will help you do that.

For those of us who choose to use this time to go inward, to learn, to reevaluate our circumstances so we can show up in the best way possible, it is necessary to acknowledge our feelings while also considering our personal stories, duties, and goals. And while it is important to have a vision for the future, it also essential to stay flexible so we can roll with whatever situations we may be faced with. We must remind ourselves again and again that nothing is impossible if we get back on track after each set back. Set backs are part of life and can sometimes help us find better ways of doing things that we would never have discovered without the break in momentum.

As we dig into ourselves and plan for how we want things to go, we must face each challenge as another step in the process, a lesson to learn, something that will eventually make us stronger. There are solutions to every problem. Blame and excuses are never a solution even for something as big as a global lockdown. We must remember that sometimes to find the solution we must to take a step back, so we can remember that our goals in life can’t be all about the superficial. Our goals and dreams must include our hearts, our loved ones, our community, and in some way – humanity as a whole.


  • Take out a blank piece of paper and doodle about what you want to see, feel, and hear in your community after this reset has come to an end. Simple shifts that can make a big difference. What do you want to say to your neighbors to brighten their days? What will help people live better lives in your community? How can you add to the positive shift around you? How can you make people feel like they matter? Make a simple or detailed piece of art that lays out all that comes to mind for you with this directive.
  • How do these simple shifts mesh with your personal goals/inventory, strengths and blind spots? What will the future look like for you and others if you begin to live every day with these simple shifts in mind? Close your eyes and see, hear, and feel the positive difference you will make. Do this every morning from here on out.
  • Create a daily action plan that incorporates your core values, goals, strengths, and the needs of your loved ones while also including these simple shifts that can impact the world in a positive way. Commit to living with intention from here on out. Commit to looking at each aspect of your life and keeping an eye on the big picture so you can stay balanced and grounded in self awareness. An awareness that helps you do your part in making the world better.

The future starts with this moment. How we move forward depends on the intentions we set and the actions we take. In this four part series, we have looked at your core values and goals, your strengths and weaknesses, your blindspots, and some simple solutions that will allow you to not only create a future that fulfills your soul, but that also helps you to contribute to the greater good in the world.

If each of us takes responsibility for our own intentional life design, incorporating how we can give back to the world consistently by taking daily action steps, the world will be a very different place. A place full of love and peace. Yes, really.

In a time when mental division seems to be more of a plague than any virus, we all need to remember that we can have different backgrounds, beliefs, and dreams, but if we want to create a beautiful future, we must honor, respect, and love one another in a way that embraces uniqueness and cultivates kindness. The toxic thought patterns and behaviors that existed before this time are a thing of the past. We had our set back, and it gave us perspective. We saw what needed to change. From now on, we move forward with the intention to create good things for all, in every moment. In every thought. In every word.

We must forgive the past (our own and as a collective) so we can move forward with strength. We must remember that the stories we are told are just that, stories. They don’t define us. Our hearts define us, which is why we must keep them open to opportunities to grow.

We must remember to be grateful for each step in this journey, even the difficult ones. From here on out, we take actions that help us live with integrity, wellness, and balance. We consider all of our loved ones in our goals. And before long, we will have created the beautiful world we all deserve.

Much love.