We’ve lost count of how many days we’ve been on lockdown. It’s somewhere around day 19. And at this point, it doesn’t really matter how long it has been, as much as it matters what we have used this time for.

I definitely feel that this has been a healing time for our family, for which I’m grateful. Of course, there have been hard times where we have snapped at one another or where old patterns have reared their ugly heads, but there have also been beautiful moments we would never have experienced without the mindset we are currently in. A mindset of uncertainty.

Every day we wake up, no matter if it is a day of quarantine or not, we are presented with opportunities to grow. Whether or not we accept those invitations to level up, is a matter of awareness. However, there are some things that lie in the periphery, outside of our ability to register their importance. These are our blindspots.

Most of us spend our entire lives never even considering the existence of our blindspots. But you, my friend, are a step ahead of the rest by being here. You are someone who is ready to take a look at the things that are holding you back or hiding from view. These hidden aspects of our presence keep us just out of reach of our full potential, but once they are addressed, and when coupled with discipline and a commitment to take the right actions, the barriers will drop and your goals can be attained.

Just as we did in Part One of this series, grab that notebook or pad of paper and find a quiet spot, because we are about to dive into some questions designed to help you brainstorm your way through some of your biggest blindspots. In order for these exercises to have the most beneficial impact for you, take part in them as if you are taking a look under the hood of a car. Step outside of your ego and answer these questions from a neutral place.


  • Make a list of the 10 things you most need to work on in your life. Think about every area of your life: relationships, health (body, mind, spirit), career/money, home/lifestyle, education, community, hobbies/interests, etc. What have you been avoiding? What has been on your To Do List for so long you forgot about it?
  • List the things you dreamed of about your future life when you were a child. Did you dream about living in a certain place, or working in a certain field, traveling to certain places, living a certain lifestyle? If you can’t remember back that far, close your eyes and see yourself as a child. Tap into the innocence you once had and imagine what you might have dreamed of. Write whatever comes to mind for 5 minutes straight.
  • What are things you have wanted to experience, but talked yourself out of? Write about those things… sky diving, learning a language or skill, traveling to an exotic place, starting a band, the possibilities are limitless. What about these things made you curious? Was the idea better than the reality? Were you not willing to put in the work? What stopped you from taking the leap? Is your list long? Have you held yourself back from a lot or just a few things?
  • List 10 things in your life over the past week that you’re grateful for. What new things have become gifts in your life that you never noticed before? What have you realized you can do that you never thought you could before? Can you find something in each area of your life – relationships, health (body, mind, spirit), career/money, home/lifestyle, education, community, hobbies/interests, etc. – to be grateful for?

BONUS: Text or email 5-10 of your closest friends and family and ask them what are 3 words they would use to describe you and what do they think you are really good at that could help make the world a better place. Screenshot their answers and make a document out of them. These are better than birthday presents! These are real, honest feedback that just may reveal a few blindspots!

Guys, this is not easy work. So pat yourself on the back for taking the time to do it. You are giving yourself a very valuable gift by exploring your life so you can be stronger and more grounded during a pivotal time in history.

Next week, we will put everything together so you can look at how your inventory and your blindspots have served you in the past, but how opening your heart will guide you to a future with my less frustration and much more fulfillment.