The world needs healing. The planet. The people. The plants. The animals. The oceans. The land. The air. It all needs to be healed. On a quantum level. Starting now. Ending never.

Over the past however many years, the damage that’s been done has taken a toll and it’s time we clear it. We will have to keep clearing it again and again, but it is crucial we begin this process on a deep level now. How? Well, of course there are the obvious things we can do like pick up trash and plant new seeds. But, there are other things we can do that we might not even realize are helping to heal the planet, but they are. What are these things? Intentions.

When we set the intentions to send healing, unconditional love, and pure acceptance to the world, that intention carries with it a high vibration that ripples out through multiple dimensions and heals on levels we aren’t even aware of. When we carry the intention to send healing energy, we are carrying the intention of love. This love with strengthen our body, our mind, our soul, and the same for those around us, including the planet. 

The earth is a larger reflection of each of us as individuals. We are all made up of the exact same elements. Humans are in fact part of the earth, we are part of nature, we are part of everything and all of this is connected through the quantum field. So, when we set out to heal ourselves, we are sending that healing energy out to the entire quantum field. In healing ourselves, we are healing the earth and even each other. But, only if we set the right intentions.

So, what are your intentions? Are you ready to heal yourself, others, and the planet? Are you ready to let go of the things that hold you back from healing? The distractions. The unforgiveness. The conditional love. The low vibrational thoughts. The toxic words. The toxic people who have forgotten we are all one loving race called humanity. We all have healing to do and it doesn’t mean we are bad or that we have somehow let anyone down because we have this healing to do. It simply means we need to roll up our sleeves and get real about what this life is about. 

It isn’t about blaming or shaming anyone or feeling bad that we or our ancestors made the wrong choices. It isn’t about dividing ourselves from one another in an effort to connect only some with abundance and not others. It isn’t about putting the burden on one part of us so the other part can somehow feel more important. All of these behaviors are the opposite of healing. They create more suffering, more division, more things that need to be healed. So, if we want to heal, we must forgive. We must love. We must release. We must accept. We must know that healing is life. And as we do these things, we raise the frequency of the planet. We plant seeds of joy and fertilize those seeds with kindness. This is the path of quantum healing. 

In the simplest of terms, quantum healing is the art of loving. To incorporate this love into your life, all you have to do is choose it. Choose to love yourself unconditionally through nutritious thoughts, actions, and foods. Choose to love those around you through forgiveness, kindness, healthy boundaries, and acceptance. Choose to love your life through honoring your gifts, natural talents, and of course, your miraculous body. Choose to honor the planet by spending time in nature, not being wasteful of resources, and consciously sending love to Mother Earth for this beautiful land she has given us to live on. Set intentions with love in every moment and know that by doing this, you are healing yourself, those around you, and the Earth. Now and forever.