Hello friends! I’ve been out of the blogging and influencer game for a long time for a reason, but today seems like the right time to peek my head back in the door and give a few virtual hugs to whoever is listening and needs a pep talk. This post isn’t about me or what I’ve been up to. It’s about us. Humanity as a whole.

Today, everything is different.

Are we quarantined? Are we allowed to leave our homes? Do we have enough food? Will the stores really stay open? Will we have any money left in the bank when the gears of the world start back up?

The questions go on for days. And no one seems to have answers.

No one quite knows what is going on. We know the stock market is in a free fall and the economy is screwed. We know there is a virus that people are sick and dying from. There are various theories on where it originated and how it was spread. We are being told to “shelter in place” which is a term used for active shooter situations and brings back memories of 9-11. Not exactly reassuring. We don’t know how long all of this will go on or what the world will look like when it’s over. So, our minds are scattered and whether we like it or not, fear is smoldering under the surface.

The beauty is that we are all in this together, the WHOLE WORLD. And if we are really honest with ourselves, we know that this reset can be a turning point for all of humanity. We are at a pivotal time where everything can and must change. And we need to ask ourselves some very important questions, like…


If this is our shot to course correct, who you want to be after this is all said and done might be exactly who you were before it all started and that’s perfectly fine. But wouldn’t that be a wasted opportunity? Aren’t times like this an invitation to step things up and be better than we were before? No matter how good of a person we were in the past, we can be better. No matter how successful we thought we were at doing our part in making the world a better place, we can do more. Have we ever had two weeks to sit back as a collective and design our future selves? No. The world has never grinned to a halt the way it is right now. So, let’s seize the day.

  1. Start by being kind to yourself and to others. Go out of your way to smile, share a compliment, and look for ways to make others feel loved. Whether you are holed up in your bedroom watching Netflix, sitting out on your balcony watching the leaves grow, or grabbing dinner at the market, look for ways to level up your kindness. It will not only help the world around you, it will help the world inside.
  2. Pause, relax, and go inward. Use this time to rest your soul. Don’t push yourself to feel like you “should” be doing anything. We have lived in a go-go-go! world for our entire lives. Take this time to appreciate the stop. Take this time to nurture yourself.
  3. Be present. Be mindful. In this pause, be intentional about your thoughts. Try to clear your mind and focus on each moment. How do you want to show up today, tomorrow, and the day after that? What things in your life need acknowledgement and forgiveness?
  4. Start creating. Envision the world around you in shades of gratitude and acceptance. Journal about how you feel and questions you have that may never be answered. Give your monkey mind a chance to release some steam, but then focus on creating a life that more closely resembles and honors your soul.
  5. Most importantly, let go of what was and settle in to uncertainty. The truth is no matter what we thought we knew about how the world works, at any moment in time, everything can shift, so our false sense of security in “knowing” how things were going to happen was just that, false. The reality is that each moment is all we have, so if we want to make this time count, we must face it with a heart full of love and a mind full of possibility.

Life is a gift, even when it is hard. And as humans, we need to put all of the crap that has been stirred up over the past few years behind us. We have to move forward in love and forgive and forget all of the stuff that doesn’t matter. The superficial things. The politics. The stories we all get wrapped up in. NONE OF THAT MATTERS. What matters is our hearts and our ability to love one another. When we make it through this time, if we can come out on the other side, having washed away the negativity that has polluted our true nature, we will have used this time wisely.