SOUL Goals Worksheet 

The goal of SOULution Healing is to help you find balance, purpose, and love in your life, so you can live up to your highest soul potential. 

Balance, purpose, and love come from listening to your inner voice, your highest self, source, God, whatever feels most comfortable for you to reference. Once you develop a practice of listening to this inner wisdom, it is essential to take the right action to align your energy, thoughts, and choices with your highest good. 

In order to create an action plan that is aligned with your soul evolution, I have designed this very simple worksheet to inspire you to tap into your inner wisdom, so we can see all aspects of you, while honoring the mission your soul came to this planet to accomplish. 

Soul missions can be simple or complex, but they come to us one moment at a time and should never be something to stress about. Your soul mission is as natural to you as breathing. So, take a deep breath, get centered and allow yourself to release all expectations. 

If possible, print out this worksheet (or simply write down the prompts in a notebook) and place a pen on the paper while you get grounded in your self. Sit in a quiet place with your bare feet on the floor. Feel your feet connect solidly with the earth. 

Take five or more deep inhales and exhales, focusing on the pause between breaths. 

When you feel ready, pick up the pen and write down the first answers that come to mind when you read the prompts below. Don’t worry about being “right” or “wrong”,  just write the first thing that pops into your head. Set your soul free.

  1. What was your greatest childhood interest or dream?
  2. What was the most pivotal moment in your life? (Good, bad, otherwise)
  3. What are your 3 greatest strengths?
  4. What is your biggest trigger, the thing that immediately sends you to a place of heightened negative emotion? (Anger, sadness, rage, fear, jealousy, etc)
  5. What calms you instantly?
  6. When in your life did you feel most at peace?
  7. What is your biggest limiting belief? The thought that stops you from fully going for it when your heart calls for something?
  8. What is the greatest compliment you could ever receive? 

Now, take a photo of your answers in case you lose this sheet (and so you can look at them throughout the year), and place the paper sheet where you will sit during our coaching session. Breathe deep knowing you are doing the right things to honor your soul’s mission in this lifetime.


*Take this moment to thank yourself for showing up in a meaningful way for your soul.*