Simple Energy Balancing Exercise

This exercise is a grounding technique to clear blocks in your energetic and emotional body. It only takes a few minutes. It’s a practice I look forward to doing every day. I highly recommend it if you want to increase feelings of calm, confidence, and love. You can do the exercises while you read down the page.

7 Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Immune System

We are living through a time when the world seems to be in the midst of a spiritual battle, making it essential that we consciously develop a practice of strengthening our spiritual immune systems in addition to boosting our physical immune systems. Think of it as choosing to create a safe harbor for your soul, kind of like supplementing with vitamin C and zinc.

7 Simple Healing Methods to Relieve Stress

7 Simple Healing Methods to Relieve Stressful Situations Life is stressful. There’s no way around it. And finding ways to settle down these days can feel daunting, but it’s essential