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  • How Talent With a Strong Digital Brand Can Boost Production Value

    When someone in entertainment hears the term “production value” they typically think of beautifully shot footage or highly decorated visuals of a television show or film. However, I believe there is more to this idea of production value when you add the digital age to the equation. As the producer.

  • 5 Huge Mistakes Brands Make With Influencer Campaigns

    There’s no doubt about it, influencer campaigns are the hot topic in the world of brands. When matched with the right brand campaign, a blogger with a highly engaged audience in a specific niche can increase a brand’s visibility with as much force as a killer Super Bowl commercial. However,.

  • The Inside Scoop on Reality Show Sizzle Reels, Treatments and Deal Making (Part 2)

    In Part One of this reality show pitch series, we explored the development of your idea and how to put together your show concept. Now, we are going to explore what to do once your idea is solidified and you are ready to create your calling card to send to.

  • How to Develop Your Reality Show Idea to Pitch to Networks

    Many people are looking to develop reality television shows and over the past few years, I have learned a lot about the process of developing a show concept, finding the right cast, establishing an interesting story line, funding the initial footage, producing a sizzle reel, pitching the idea to “network.

  • Shilly Shallying, Procrastinating, Dawdling… Killing Creativity

    We all do it. We all put things off. “We’ll get back to it later” …we kid ourselves into believing. The thing that is such a shock is that we all know that we are procrastinating.We are totally and utterly aware of the fact that we are choosing NOT to.

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