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  • How to Rise Above the Noise on Social Media @MassAmplify with @iSocialFanz

    “I was raised with the idea that I always needed to be myself and because I was able to be myself on social media, it drew me in immediately.”  – Brian Fanzo Not long ago, I noticed a very friendly face and messages continuing to show up in my Twitter.

  • YouTube Domination and Social Selling with @CarlieStylezz and @KimGarst on The @MassAmplify Show

    This week on the Mass Amplify Show, listeners were treated to a double play of incredible episodes 5 & 6 about two seemingly different topics, but I want to explain why I felt these shows compliment each other. On episode #5 of the podcast, social selling and the power of images.

  • Digital Brand Building for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs – @BrianMoran on @MassAmplify Show

    Whether you are an employee (intrapreneur), a C-level executive or an entrepreneur, having a strategic digital brand is essential. The truth is, these days if you decide not to focus on building your digital footprint, your competition could leave you in their dust when they choose to build their online presence effectively..

  • How to Provide Value to the Right Audience on Social Media #MassAmplify Show with @PorterGale

    It amazes me how some brands respond when I ask who their audience is. The reason it amazes me is because despite all of the analytics tools and technology that abound these days, brands often don’t know who their true audience is. They only think they know based on their idea.

  • Announcing The Mass Amplify Show with Britt Michaelian

    Podcasting has always been something that I greatly enjoy. Whether I was listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast (one of my favorites), a guest on someone else’s show or the host of my own show, asking interesting people questions and listening as they share their stories and insights has always been.

  • Public Relations and Social Media Strategy

    Along with digital press releases that can be sent free of charge on the internet, the process of sharing information about your brand has gone through dramatic change and evolution. Ten years ago, brands announced a new product line by sending out a press release to targeted journalists and news.

  • How to Build Your Brand on Social Media

    Building a brand is a lot like raising a child.  As a parent, you make sure your child has a solid foundation from which to grow, so that everyone in your family can have the best experience possible in life while creating a positive impact on the world. Now, that’s.

  • #SocialMedia ROI Comes When You Have Clarity of Purpose

    A while ago, I started writing a book on playing your Social A Game and I had every intention of going through traditional channels to get the book published. However, as I got deeper into the book, I realized that this information is too important to wait. Traditional publishing would get.

  • How Talent With a Strong Digital Brand Can Boost Production Value

    When someone in entertainment hears the term “production value” they typically think of beautifully shot footage or highly decorated visuals of a television show or film. However, I believe there is more to this idea of production value when you add the digital age to the equation. As the producer.

  • 5 Huge Mistakes Brands Make With Influencer Campaigns

    There’s no doubt about it, influencer campaigns are the hot topic in the world of brands. When matched with the right brand campaign, a blogger with a highly engaged audience in a specific niche can increase a brand’s visibility with as much force as a killer Super Bowl commercial. However,.