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Hello There!

I’m Britt and I’m so happy you’re here. For now, this site is just a page about me and my work, but one day soon you might find another page with a blog, a podcast, or some other medium that I’m into at the moment. If there’s something you’d like to see here or if you just want to say hi, by all means, feel free to send me a tweet or email. I’d love to hear from you.

Over the years, I’ve worn the hats of exhibiting artist, art therapist, author, business consultant, influencer marketing strategist, keynote speaker, social media correspondent, podcaster, producer, and (most importantly) mom and wife. If you search my name online, you can find links to most of this stuff and more. However, as much as I love the flavors of life, sometimes simplification is in order. I’ve come to a point where all the skills I’ve gathered must be put to use for one goal.

Last year, I cleared the deck of consulting work to focus on something I had wanted to do for a very long time — write a YA novel. I outlined the story by writing a feature length screenplay and created a story bible full of illustrations and collages. From there, it took a few weeks to complete the 55,000 word first draft. That was the easy part.

As soon as I finished the initial draft, the perfectionist in me reared her ugly head. Growling and belittling and begging me to listen to her laundry list of potentially great, more likely disastrous ideas. I found myself overcome by an obsession with the craft of writing. In some ways it feels like I’ve created my own MFA program. Only the graduation date is elusive and depressing. The desire to edit this manuscript FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE is a terrifying possibility that keeps me up for nights on end.

Just kidding.

I’m wrapping up the final edits on this sucker (unless my editor comes back at me with something new and remarkable). Time to spread your wings, Nightingale Dreams. As much as I’ve loved every moment of your now 68,000 word birthing process, I have too many stories to tell to get hung up on the first.

I believe true beauty comes from the transformation that blossoms out of hardship. The unique embossment of adversity presses upon us like a fingerprint marks our uniqueness. My mission is to open your eyes. Invite you in. Stir your consciousness with a taste of awareness, so your life is altered just enough to make a difference.

My purpose is to remind you that life is worth living even when it hurts. But, especially when it makes you smile. Thanks so much for stopping by.


Much Love.



PS: For fun, I made a trailer as part of the Nightingale Dreams brainstorming process. If you’re interested in seeing it, keep scrolling down. You’re almost there.




Drawing on my experience as a mother of three teens, with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and as a former hospital-based art therapist, Nightingale Dreams walks the reader through a journey of uncovering the hidden truths that hold us back not only individually, but collectively.
Here’s a video I made during the screenwriting phase of this process. The story of Nightingale Dreams has evolved quite a bit, but if you’re a visually curious type, this is for you.

Over the past decade, I’ve written for my own and numerous other publications and corporate blogs as an author and ghostwriter. My posts and presentations have been shared everywhere from Apple Music and Yahoo to Open For Business and of course all over social media. My work has appeared in many outlets covering a range of topics including Social Media, Social Good, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Tech, Small Business, Film, Books and Arts & Entertainment.